Governor's Staff

  • Justin Harding Chief of Staff
  • Mike Mower Michael Mower Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Marty Carpenter Marty Carpenter Communications Director
  • Wesley Smith Wesley Smith State and Federal Relations Director
  • Cody Stewart Cody Stewart Policy Advisor
  • Jacey Skinner Jacey Skinner General Counsel
  • Ron Bigelow Kristen Cox Executive Director, Office of Management and Budget
  • Ron Gordon Ron Gordon Executive Director, Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice
  • Tami Pyfer Tami Pyfer Education Advisor
  • Alan Matheson Alan Matheson Environmental Advisor
  •  Benjamin Onofrio Benjamin Onofrio Staff Attorney
  • Fran Stultz Fran Stultz Executive Assistant and Scheduler to the Governor
  • Cherilyn Bradford Cherilyn Bradford Boards and Commissions Director
  • Tiffany Clason Tiffany Clason Constituent Services Director
  • Tiffeni Wall Tiffeni Wall Assistant to Chief of Staff
  • Allyse Robertson Allyse Robertson Communications Specialist
  • Aimee Edwards Aimee Edwards Public Information Officer
  • Shannon Simonsen Shannon Simonsen Administrative Assistant
  • Ashlee Buchholz Ashlee Buchholz Administrative Assistant
  • Judith George Judith George First Lady Scheduler
  • Carolynne Loder Carolynne Loder Governor's Mansion Manager
  • Susan Deakin
    Susan Deakin
    Administrative Assistant
  • Tammy Price Tammy Price Receptionist
  • Fran Fish Fran Fish Receptionist
  • Mark Eddington Mark Eddington Lead Speechwriter
  • Katriina Adair Katriina Adair Correspondence Coordinator
  • Austin Cox Austin Cox Office Manager